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Maria Popova is an Agora-trained copywriter turned brand equity developer. Maria co-founded and helped to scale several successful companies and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs, startups, and executives.

Recognized for her storytelling abilities, she is a regular guest speaker at events and on podcasts dedicated to business, marketing, branding, media, and more.

Maria is a Co-Founding Partner at Equity Media, a media company developing brand equity through media. She is also the founder of Influencer Factory, a personal branding company turning executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs into thought leaders.


Prior to co-founding Equity Media and Influencer Factory, Maria helped FinTech startups scale with PR. Maria featured hundreds of clients in international publications such as Bloomberg, Business Insider, Yahoo News, EconoTimes, and more. She is mentored by the Top 100 White House Entrepreneur and trained by Agora’s Chief of Copy.

Maria began her entrepreneurial career at the age of 19 with content writing for FinTech startups. Thanks to an early adoption into Bitcoin and crypto, Maria seized the opportunity to travel and visited 30+ countries, which broadened her mental and multicultural outlook.

Maria's work

Equity Media monetizes brands using the power of media. A meticulous, all-encompassing process uniquely positions the company to guide entrepreneurs and executives through the tangled labyrinth of brand development, profitably. 

In alliance with founders, Equity Media tackles both short- and long-term brand performance benchmarks. Since 2014, Equity Media successfully helped hundreds brands broadcast their value across all media.

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